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内容摘要:考试第三套ialogue OneMark: There is a sailor there. I am going to ask that sailor if he knows where I can find a boat to Mosquito City.Mark: 1 C....

ialogue One
Mark: There is a sailor there. I am going to ask that sailor if he knows where I can find a boat to Mosquito City.
Mark:   1 C. Excuse me!
Sailor: Yeah. What can I do for you, buddy?
Mark: I am going to...        2 B. I want to go to Mosquito City.
Sailor: Mosquito City. Oh! Wow! Well, it's a great place, Mosquito City, buddy!
Mark: Ok, so I want to go there.        3 D. Can I go there on your boat?
Sailor: No, but ifyou walk about a mile to your left, you will come across a big banana boat.
Mark: A banana boat? ...that direction?
Sailor: Yeah,just ask for John. He is a friend of mine. Ok?          4 A. He will take you there.
Mark: Ok. Ok. Good on you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dialogue Two
Blanca: Hello. I'm calling about the apartment you advertised.
Manager: Yes.         5 C. What kind of apartment are you interested in?
Blanca: I'm interested in a one-bedroom. Do you have any available?
Manager: Yes. I have one. When do you need it?
Blanca: Sometime around next week.
Manager:       6 A. Well, it's a one-bedroom apartment.
The monthly rent is $650, with a $300 security deposit. You pay electricity only. Gas and water is
included. Both the heat and stove are gas. You'll be assigned a sheltered parking space at no extra charge.  7 D. And...that's probably it.
Blanca: Sounds good. May I come over tomorrow to take a look?
Manager: Sure.

Dialogue Three
Mary: We've been married 8 years in August.
Joan: Wow, that's a long time!        8 B. Do you regret it?
Mary: Not in the least!
Joan: Why?
Mary: Because we are happy.
Joan: 9 C. That is the most important thing.
      How have you stayed so happy?
Mary: We spend time together.
Joan: Anything else?
Mary: We talk to each other.
Joan: Every day?
lVIary: Yes, every day! It's important too!
JToan: Do you wish to change anything?
Mary: _10 A. I wish we had got married sooner!
Joan: Why do you say that?
rVlary: So I could have spent more time with her!

Passage One
    When we meet a person, our first impression is based on their body language and their speech. When someone
    To get a hold of your bad habit of using "uhm", you can try the following exercises:  1) Record your speech when you prepare; 2) Write out your entire speech beforehand; 3) Take a moment to center yourself; and 4) Speak a little more slowly. Make a pledge today: drop the "uhm"!
 11.  The main topic ofthe passage is _ to make your speech flow
 12.   By the "bad habit", the author refers to . C. speaking in a broken way
 13.   The "bad habit" is harmful because it makes the speaker look  C. unconfident
 14.  The word "unleam"(Para. 5) can be replaced with c  B. stop 
15.   The last paragraph is concerned with   A. the strategies to get rid ofthe bad habit


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