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  Part I Vocabulary and Structure(20 points)

  Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C, and D.Choose the One answer that best completes the sentence.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  1. (  )means the property of having two levels of structures, such that units of the primary level are composed of elements of the secondary level and each of the two levels has its own principles of organization.

  A. Creativity

  B. Duality

  C. Arbitrariness

  D. Displacement

  2. (  )distinguishes the linguistic competence of the speaker and the actual phenomena or data of linguistics as langue and parole.

  A. Chomsky

  B. Saussure

  C. Gilman

  D. Brown

  3. (  )is the study of the characteristics of language varieties, the characteristics of their functions and the characteristics of their speakers as these three constantly interact and change within a speech community.

  A. Psycholinguistics

  B. Sociolinguistics

  C.Anthropological linguistics

  D.Computational linguistics

  4.The words such as "smog" and "brunch" are called (  ).

  A. abbreviation

  B. acronym

  C. back-formation

  D. blending

  5.For example, the word" bead" originally means "prayer", but later it refers to "the prayer bead", and finally "small, ball-shaped piece of glass, metal or wood" .It is called (  ).

  A.meaning shift




  6. (  )there is fresh air, there is oxygen.

  A. Wherever


  C. Unless


  7.The factory operated (  )until the order was filled. times the minute by day

  D.around the clock

  8.After working for the firm for ten years, he finally (  )the rank of deputy director.

  A. achieved

  B. approached

  C. attained

  D. acquired

  9.If we (  )our test tomorrow, I would have gone to the concert.

  A.weren't to have

  B.hadn't been to have

  C.aren't to have

  D.hadn't had

  10.Which of the following italicized parts is a subject clause?

  A.We are quite certain that we will get there in time.

  B.He has to face the fact that there will be no pay rise this year.

  C.She said that she had seen the man earlier that morning.

  D.It's sheer luck that the miners are still alive after ten days.

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